Medical Statistics

One of the 3 delays identified for death during injury is the delay in reaching an appropriate health care facility, due to lack of affordable and accessible emergency transport


In 2008, the country witnessed 485,000 road accidents in which 120,000 people lost their lives


Trauma has become the leading cause of death in India with Stroke, Wounds and Bone injury cases as the principle reasons of fatality


3 million cardio deaths today up from 1.2 million in 1990 & 25% of total deaths in India are from CVD


Crime Statistics

Delhi witnessed an upward trend in crime graph for the third consecutive year in 2011 as it registered a 4% increase compared to the previous year


A murder is committed every 16 hours In New Delhi


An attempt to murder a person takes place every 23 hours


567 registered cases of robbery and intrusion


2,708 PCR calls for rescue from senior citizens


Fire Statistics

Delhi Fire Service received over 22,400 emergency calls in the year 2011-2012 with 210 calls received on Diwali alone


Around 8,846 people were injured in fire incidents from the period 2006-2010


1904 people were killed in the fire incidents in the same period


The Uphaar Cinema fire, one of the worst fire tragedies in Delhi, killed 59 people with 103 injured.


Telemonitoring Services

For the 1st time in India, to accommodate the dramatic aging population shift, introduces Tele Monitoring Services on private basis for the safety and security of Senior Citizens to cope up with the increase in crime rate of theft, murder, robbery etc. against them along with their medical issues.

We offer intelligent and individualised telemonitoring solutions and well co ordinated delivery of care where in

•  Twice a day call from our call centre to every senior citizens registered with us.

•  Our operators will call at your decided time of the day to enquire about your well being & safety.

•  In case of any emergency, police, ambulance and fire department will be contacted to let help reach you in

However, if Tele-monitoring is taken along with our ERS services, we shall be offering medical, fire & police emergencies also as per our ERS plan.

   Our job is to let help reach you in time